Diploma in Legal Studies

Diploma in English Language

Diploma in English Language and Literature

Diploma in Children’s Studies

Diploma in Project Management

Diploma in Personnel Management

Diploma in Psychology

Diploma in Church Leadership

Christian Leaders Diploma

Commissioned Pastoral Diploma

Diploma of Ministry

Undergraduate Degrees

Associate of Biblical Studies (IPR)

Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies (IBI)

Bachelor of Christian Education (TBU)

Bachelor of Theology (WWES)

Graduate Degrees

Master of Ministry (TBU)

Master of Christian Counselling (TBU)

Master of Arts in Bible and Theology (WWES)

Master of Biblical Studies (TGSAT)

Master of Religious Education (TGSAT)

Master of Theological Studies (NU)

Doctoral Degrees

Doctor of Ministry (TBU)

Doctor of Theology (TBU)

Doctor of Apologetics (TGSAT)

Doctor of Biblical Theology (BBCS)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Christian Counselling (SWBC&S)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Religion (CCC&S)

Honorary Degrees

Doctor of Letters (Litt.D) – Triune Biblical University

Current Studies

Master of Divinity (NationsUniversity)

Master of Business Administration (Edexcel)

Master of Biblical Archaeology (TGSAT)

PhD Christian Higher Education Management (LBU)

PhD in Gnostic Studies (BU)

Doctor of Biblical Studies (TGSAT)


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