Communicating Praise and Wisdom to a Modern Audience

  Growing on the African continent, the writer has come to witness that most churches in Africa are familiar with many parts of the biblical books that are called The Writings, such as Job, Psalms, Proverbs, etc. In most churches, the use of musical instruments is well referenced to have been informed by the book … Continue reading Communicating Praise and Wisdom to a Modern Audience


Do Demons Exist Today?

Throughout the world today, the belief in demons exist in varying measures. There are some who strongly believe that demons exist and are alive on planet earth. Others are skeptical of their existence and dismiss the idea of demons as a superstitious myth of the heathens. Christians and unbelievers both share almost equal beliefs. Others … Continue reading Do Demons Exist Today?

ZERO Tolerance (Part 1)

Part 1: God against Sexual Perverts The world today is in a spiritual, ethical, and social dilemma. Taboos and abominations have now become the accepted norms in our societies. Those who used to practice evil in the dark, have been afforded the chance to showcase their evils in broad daylight in the name of human … Continue reading ZERO Tolerance (Part 1)

The Evangelist and Sound Doctrine

One of the criticisms that are levied against the modern church by unbelievers is that the church is no different than the unbelievers, and at times, unbelievers tend to be more righteous than the saints. The abundance of scandals that most church leaders have been caught in is very surprising. A holy institution that is … Continue reading The Evangelist and Sound Doctrine

Biblical Praying Leads to Active Witnessing

The church today is a hive of activity. From the established to free churches, our present generation is a generation that does not get satisfaction from sitting. They are motivated and driven. Certain desires move this generation to seek and pursue spiritual matters. As we can all agree, the young men and women in our … Continue reading Biblical Praying Leads to Active Witnessing