The Christian Culture

Introduction Christians are the “called out” ones, God’s ekklesia, and His community of redeemed people. This community is called to be holy and separate from the world yet not detached from the world in a technical sense. The Lord thus expects the Christians to be the salt and light of the world by showing the … Continue reading The Christian Culture


The Minister’s Family Under Attack

The following article is an adaptation from our  book with Dr. Winzrose E. Chaurika and Tendai Zaranyika "Practical Advise to Young Ministers" a 3 volume set. Let us hear your comments and feedback. Thanks. -EM. The most subtle attack of Satan in a minister’s life is always on the family. Most often, the young minister … Continue reading The Minister’s Family Under Attack

A Believer’s Understanding of Death and the Hereafter

The following is an introduction from my upcoming book "A Believer’s Understanding of Death and the Hereafter". I have felt that this is a topic that is rarely discussed by many pastors and preachers in churches and that someone might be interested to understand this topic. I will be grateful for your feedback, questions and … Continue reading A Believer’s Understanding of Death and the Hereafter