They Preach Other Gospels

Spiritual ignorance is usually man-made. It is the deliberate attempt to pretend that spiritually knowledge does not exist, or, if it does exist, it is either unknowable or unattainable. This has produced a number of self-professed skeptics, atheists, agnostics and doubters. However, Satan has used it against humanity for all time. We should understand that … Continue reading They Preach Other Gospels


The Battle for the Bible

The Bible asks the question, “If the foundations be shaken, how will the righteous stand?” This heart searching question is so crucial in our understanding of Christianity and true spirituality. Never has there been a time in the history of Christianity where deception has taken much toll among the masses than in our day as … Continue reading The Battle for the Bible

Buy the Truth and Sell It Not

The ancient biblical Proverb, “Buy the truth and sell it not” is one of the greatest proverb of principle and enlightenment that has ever been penned. The Lord’s desire for His people is that they should come to the knowledge of truth and be saved. Truth, liberates; truth sets people free. Truth is found in … Continue reading Buy the Truth and Sell It Not

Prophets and Prophecy in the Church Today

The following is a series of discussions from my upcoming new book. Let me know your thoughts on the subject. Blessings! Introduction The present church is on the crossroads; there is a great dilemma, if not, a serious outcry in the spiritual realm. Today, church folk especially in Southern Africa, have come into direct contact … Continue reading Prophets and Prophecy in the Church Today