Great Commission Christians: Their Spiritual Habits

There is no doubt that Great Commission Christians have certain spiritual attributes that set them apart from non-evangelistically motivated Christians. This owes to a number of varying reasons such as lack of training, lack of motivation, lack of an evangelistic urgency and a lack of spiritual vision, etc. In this topic, we are going to … Continue reading Great Commission Christians: Their Spiritual Habits


How to Kill the Evangelistic Spirit in the Church

When new churches are established, we often witness a strong zeal among the believers in taking the gospel to the lost. Usually, the saints are so much eager to share the Gospel with their given communities because they desire to be in a growing church. Most churches begin well with an evangelistic zeal. At one … Continue reading How to Kill the Evangelistic Spirit in the Church

Do you Love the Lord with your Wealth? 2

Do you love the Lord with all your wealth? Most people today do not feel comfortable discussing money issues in the church. They think that money is evil and having wealth is equal to unrighteousness. We should understand the background to such confusion in the churches today if we are to address this anomaly and … Continue reading Do you Love the Lord with your Wealth? 2

Why Christians Do Not Evangelize

The book of Proverbs says, “He who wins souls is wise” (Proverbs 11:30). We would assume that believers take this proverb seriously as they do other biblical proverbs and statements at face value. No one wants to be the cold dump and foolish. People prefer to associate themselves with wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and anything that … Continue reading Why Christians Do Not Evangelize

Whatever Happened to Personal Evangelism?

When I first gave my life to Christ, the first four instructions I received from the preacher were simple, very simple: read your Bible, pray, tell others about Jesus and, find a good church. Back then; this seemed to have been the norm of a new believer’s instruction. There wasn’t much, just those few instructions. … Continue reading Whatever Happened to Personal Evangelism?

How Desperate Are We?

The majority of churches in Africa are spiritually dying; yet, they boast large numbers in attendances. Most people today are tempted to believe that a church is evangelistic simply because it has many people who attend church services. Sadly, this is not true. Most African churches are full of migrants. By this term, I am … Continue reading How Desperate Are We?

Rescued by My Academic Training

A few years ago, I listened patiently as one of my pastors shared about how to dispel false teachers, in particular, the Jehovah's Witnesses from our homes. He said that the Jehovah's Witnesses had a strong weakness: they don't want to pray in homes. He told us to just ask them to pray and they … Continue reading Rescued by My Academic Training