Prophets and Prophecy in the Church Today

The following is a series of discussions from my upcoming new book. Let me know your thoughts on the subject. Blessings! Introduction The present church is on the crossroads; there is a great dilemma, if not, a serious outcry in the spiritual realm. Today, church folk especially in Southern Africa, have come into direct contact … Continue reading Prophets and Prophecy in the Church Today

Representing Christ, the Saviour

The Church Has Sinned By Misrepresenting Christ. The Lord Jesus called the first disciples and made them His disciples. His intent was to have a group of people that would be His messengers and representatives in the world after He has been received into the heavens after completion of His work on earth. In His … Continue reading Representing Christ, the Saviour

The Sins of the Church II

The church has sinned by preaching false gospels! Today in the churches, false gospels abound. Preachers are preaching Christ dishonoring gospels that uplifts the flesh and satisfy human ego and yet, they say nothing of sin, righteousness and judgment. It seems that the true Holy Spirit that convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment … Continue reading The Sins of the Church II