My name is Ernest Musekiwa, the founder and president of Christian Missions Theological College and Seminary in Harare, Zimbabwe. I have earned degrees in Theology (Th.D), Ministry (DMin), Counseling (MCC), Biblical Studies (MBS), Apologetics (DrApol), Religious Education (MRE), Religion (PhD). I have studied psychology and legal studies as well as administration and personnel management. My academic career started with serious reflection on my Christian faith when I was eleven years old. It led me to question and doubt a number of church practices in my denomination. As a result of my inquisitive mind, I was led to meet Christians at a tent that shared with me the Gospel and I was saved and baptized.

Upon my conversion, the Lord led me to do ministry work in Harare and had successful evangelism and church planting missions and have seen scores of churches being born and growing under my ministry. However, as I began to grow in my understanding of the word of God, I sensed the deeper hunger and thirsty for God’s word among the people which went unsatisfied. I was one of the victims of bad theology, so through a series of events, I was led to study the Bible and began to teach it to others.

I have taken varied approaches to my theological studies and I have learned to appreciate the good and let go of the bad in each theological camp I have studied. I have sat under the feet of very fine scholars, Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, Pentecostals, Charismatics, etc some I have learned to agree with while others I have learned to disagree with and yet, have maintained close ties and professional relationships.

I have taught theology ever since I was 16 after attaining my first Diploma in biblical studies. I have had the privilege of sitting on the faculty bench of over 20 theological schools in Africa, the United States and Canada and have taught students from close to 144 nations of the world. I have been involved in Christian ministerial work for over two decades as a pastor, counselor, evangelist, apologist, theologian and author. I have published several works in the various fields I have studied and am still pursuing theological higher education.

My ministry these days has focused more on theological higher education in Africa and the third world ever since the establishment of Bible Training Center for Evangelism which is now Christian Missions Theological College and Seminary. My desire is to reach sinners and bring them to Christ and then build Christ in those people through imparting the living Word of Christ in them. I have also a strong desire to train pastors, church leaders and pastoral staff in Africa and the majority world to help them fulfill their God-given callings.

Through God’s grace on my life, I have established several schools in most African countries that are training men and women for the manifold ministries of the Gospel so that they can reach the world’s most isolated and unreached communities. My books and teachings have gone to many places and it is my desire to help the church in Africa and the majority world to become uncompromised ministers of the word of God in a compromising world.

I am an avid reader and writer and has been active in Christian ministry ever since the age of eleven. These days, my focus is more on polemics, apologetics and Church history. I am also working on linguistics and setting up English language schools in places where English is not spoken. This work is a combined effort of World English Institute and myself in the world’s most unreached communities. A combination of Bible and English lessons has seen a number of people coming to faith in Christ.

I am also working on some Islamic projects, trying to understand Islam, its theology and philosophy. I am currently taking a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies and God willing, pursuingĀ  a masters in Islamic Studies. My desire is to win souls to Christ, that’s my passion and that’s my mission.


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