Of Training Church Leaders

The spiritual call to leadership in the church is a serious vocation. God entrusts the care of souls to the under-shepherds who represents the Chief and Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Thus, church leaders have a God-given mandate to take care of the flock of God and to feed and nourish it for … Continue reading Of Training Church Leaders


False Teachers and the Christian Duty in Times of Apostasy 1: A Study of Jude

The Bible is a profound book full of the mysteries of God. When read in the interest of true spirituality, its teachings are able to make one "wise unto salvation" and to turn one from the deadly path of spiritual error into the pathways of truth and righteousness. Without its spirit-inspired guidance, the believer's life … Continue reading False Teachers and the Christian Duty in Times of Apostasy 1: A Study of Jude

Denial of God Among Christians Today (Part 1)

These past weeks, I have devoted myself to a renewed fresh study of the biblical text. My aim has been simple: to look at the ancient record of God’s dealings with ancient Israel and the lessons that we can learn from them as today’s Christians who are living at a time when a great exodus … Continue reading Denial of God Among Christians Today (Part 1)

Guard the Treasure and Avoid the Trash

Have you ever wondered what the fate of Christianity could have been today, had there been a body of apostles who would have chosen to sit down and die with what they know in their hearts? Suppose that the risen Christ, having gone to heaven, had carried all the vast spiritual knowledge and wisdom He … Continue reading Guard the Treasure and Avoid the Trash

The Battle for Truth

Today, as never before, the church finds itself in the midst of a very serious battle. This battle has been raging on for millennia and only those that have allowed themselves the honor of proper use of their mental and spiritual faculties have had better chances of winning. It is the battle of truth! It … Continue reading The Battle for Truth

The Minister’s Family Under Attack

The following article is an adaptation from our  book with Dr. Winzrose E. Chaurika and Tendai Zaranyika "Practical Advise to Young Ministers" a 3 volume set. Let us hear your comments and feedback. Thanks. -EM. The most subtle attack of Satan in a minister’s life is always on the family. Most often, the young minister … Continue reading The Minister’s Family Under Attack

How Satan Attacks Young Ministers 2

With contributions from Tendai Zaranyika and Dr. Winzrose E Chaurika Mistrust of God’s Word Once false doctrines have been bought by the novice minister, these will generate unbelief in the heart of the man of God. God has given us His word and it is “given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, … Continue reading How Satan Attacks Young Ministers 2