Teaching Ministry

Through the grace of the Lord given to me as a teacher of the Gospel, I have been honored to teach part time and full time at several institutions. Below is a partial list of bible colleges I have, am teaching or training pastors and church leaders.

1. Christian Missions Theological College and Seminary

Positions Held

Professor of Theology and Apologetics

Dean of Graduate and Post-Graduate Studies

Chair, Department of Theology and Philosophy

2. Bible Training Center for Pastors


3. Goshen International Bible College

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Languages

4. Powerhouse Bible College

Formerly Academic Dean & HOD Theology & Missions (past)

Adjunct Professor of Bible & Theology

5. Living Compass Bible Institute

Registrar (past)

Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology

6. Triune Biblical University

Adjunct Professor of Theology

7. Tyrannus Bible College

Visiting Professor

8. Impact Christian Institute

Distinguished Professor

9. Worldwide Evangelical Seminary

Professor of Bible and Theology

Dean, Undergraduate Studies

10. Institute of Prayer and Revival

Adjunct Professor of Theology Apologetics

11. Encounter Theological Institute

Distinguished Professor

12. Mission Focus Christian Academy

Visiting Professor

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