Teaching Ministry

Through the grace of the Lord given to me as a preacher and teacher of the Gospel, I have been honored to impact lives trough various institutions where I teach online, part time and full time. I understand that in our days, there is a great dearth of the Word. people are hungry for the truth of God. They need the wholesome truth of God’s Word in their lives. Sadly, many believers are finding it hard to get sound men of God who like Ezra, can expound the word of God to them in ways that can impact transformation and change.

The greatest need of the contemporary church today is finding faithful teachers of God’s word like Ezra who can stand on the pulpit, read and expound and apply God’s Word with the help of others and cause the people to understand God’s Law, that is, His instruction. (Nehemiah 8:1-8). It is for this reason that I have given myself to study and learn God’s word so that I will be able to instruct others also. My desire is to see the African continent alight with the truth of the Gospel and raising a people ready for the Lord and His mission.

If in Africa we are to win the lost before Jesus returns, then the churches should be mobilized, believers equipped and prepared to do the work. Ignorance is no bliss in ministry. Many church leaders have a great disdain for learning, but, it is expected of Christian leaders to be well versed in sound doctrine and thereby safeguard the churches from error and heresy. As an apologist, I am a sound defender of the faith and my desire is to train other competent and sound apologists. As a theologian, my desire is to raise theologically competent believers who can rightly divide the Word and transmit it in the power of the Holy Spirit to others. As a bible scholar, my desire is to learn the word of God and apply it into my life, then teach it to others too. As an evangelist, am a herald and announcer of God’s good news in Christ Jesus to save mankind from sin.

The greatest challenge we have today is compromise. As believers, we should not bow down to compromise, rather, we should stand firm in the faith and contend earnestly for the faith that was once for all delivered. We should have a passion to study God’s word and apply it. If the foundation is faulty, then the whole building will collapse. With emerging religious institutions that masquerades themselves as God’s churches, believers should be warned. This is the task of the preacher and teacher of the Gospel.


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