Evangelism Requires Holy Spirit Boldness

Evangelism is the way God has chosen to use in the expansion of his kingdom with the salvation of precious souls. In evangelism, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ brings into fulfillment the mission of Christ the savior, of seeking and saving the lost. During his earthly ministry, Christ clearly said that the harvest … Continue reading Evangelism Requires Holy Spirit Boldness


Evangelism is for everyone in the Church

These days I am working on a massive project from the Gospels and Acts that focuses on the biblical witness of the first Disciples of Christ and how they impacted the ancient world with the ministry of the Gospel. I have been taking a research program that has been comparing the phenomenal growth of the … Continue reading Evangelism is for everyone in the Church

Rescued by My Academic Training

A few years ago, I listened patiently as one of my pastors shared about how to dispel false teachers, in particular, the Jehovah's Witnesses from our homes. He said that the Jehovah's Witnesses had a strong weakness: they don't want to pray in homes. He told us to just ask them to pray and they … Continue reading Rescued by My Academic Training

My Historical Quest for Theological Higher Education 1

When I was a young Christian, I often wondered why my understanding of the biblical text was so different to that of most common pastors and preachers. Back in my boyhood days, the calling and ministry that was the envy of many was the ministry of the evangelist. Everyone wanted to preach like the evangelist … Continue reading My Historical Quest for Theological Higher Education 1