The Battle for the Bible

The Bible asks the question, “If the foundations be shaken, how will the righteous stand?” This heart searching question is so crucial in our understanding of Christianity and true spirituality. Never has there been a time in the history of Christianity where deception has taken much toll among the masses than in our day as we eagerly awaits the coming of the Lord. To ignore that the last days are marked with a great apostasy, a massive exodus from the Christian faith is to throw one into the wolf’s mouth. Many churches and believers in general have comforted themselves by lying to themselves about the impact of error and deception. They view themselves as far above deception and hence, they do not worry about spiritual deception. This is a subtle attack from the enemy who sells a false sense of security to believers in his religious marketplace yet, he knows this is his entry route into the churches. When people thinks they stand, they easily forget they can fall.

The greatest way Satan has attacked the church these days is by attacking the reliability of the bible. Once believers question its authority and inerrancy, then the seeds of doubt will be used by Satan to the church’s destruction just as he did to the woman in the Garden of Eden. A full assault on biblical authority has been launched by the kingdom of darkness against the church so that believers remain ignorant of spiritual matters. Even the Apostle lamented the amount of ignorance that existed in the churches of his day. He was afraid that, as the serpent beguiled Eve (2 Corinthians 11:3), likewise, ignorant believers of his day were likely to suffer the same fate if they were not watchful for the enemy’s strategic and offensive tactics on the church. We now turn to see how this offensive battle has been staged and waged against the Bible.

Authority Questioned: The historic confession of the Christian church has been, the Bible is the only written word of God and the standard of measurement for all spiritual truth, Christian faith, doctrine and practice. Over recent past, several church councils, creeds and confessions have been set in motion and the authority of the Bible as God’s true written word substantiated. It should be understood that for the true Christian faith, the Bible and the Bible alone must be our final authority. One of my professors at Christian Leaders Institute, Rev. David Feddes in his lectures in Theology class, said that, “If we took seriously the fact that the Bible is God’s book, we would make sure to read the Bible every day to hear God and to cultivate a relationship with him.” This is only possible if the question of biblical authority is settled.

Sadly, the devil, just as he did in the Garden of Eden, has come up with clever debating techniques that have swayed many innocent believers and left them at the enemy’s mess. “Yea, hath God really said…?” in other words, do you really believe with all your heart that, that Bible you hold in your hands is God’s word? What proof is there to validate such claims? There are many holy books in the world, what makes you think the Bible alone stance can be more convincing than the Moslem’s belief on the holy Quran? These and other cleverly poisoned questions causes a novice to lose his spiritual grip, for, once doubts arises, fear and uncertainty comes in and the believer is left without that important spiritual weapon at his disposal, the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God! When you doubt the Bible’s authority, how can you be so sure that God ever said it and if so, does it really work?

This strategy has worked so well that in most today’s churches, people tends to question biblical authority, biblical commands and biblical principles. They feel that the Bible is a product of some deluded geniuses who sought to influence the world by their good morals but along the way, they poisoned the masses, chaining them to some religious ideologies which sought to enslave them. This is not something new for history clearly tells us how and when such ideas entered the church. The paganistic influences through philosophy and social sciences have played a great role in undermining the authority of the Bible.

The challenge is that, most people don’t hate the Bible. They like it. To them it’s some amazing piece of literature consisting of 66 books that contains some of the world’s brilliant ideas. The moral principles and ethics of the Bible are so cool that almost everyone wants to read them. The heroic stories and exploits of biblical characters gives the world some hope and inspiration to do good things and make the world a better place. For the majority, the Bible is either a historical, social or anthropological masterpiece. Yet, knowing the Bible or coming to the Bible in such a way makes you nothing than an informed person. You see, the goal of reading the Bible is not to have some knowledge of Jewish religious systems and practices or some amazing fanciful stories of Jesus and his unreasonable miracles (of course from a skeptics perspective), but rather, the goal of reading and studying the Bible is to know the person and authority behind its word, the Lord God Almighty himself and have a relationship with Him through His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thus, people don’t think the Bible is a bad book, (of course a minority does), but the real issue that confronts us is: there are always people who hate the Bible and reject God out rightly and do not seek to be brought under the subjection of his Lordship. Being brought into the kingdom of God automatically entails submission to the Lord’s commands. The reason why people do not want to submit to God’s word is because of its authority. The Bible carries within its pages the authority of God himself. Thus, to subvert its authority, Satan has made people to develop an unhealthy interest in the Bible’s teachings. He does this in various ways:

Negligence of Bible reading: Many people feel some spiritual and physical exhaustion when they want to read the Bible. They are just tired and feel like, “oh not today, will do so some other time!” Day by day, they look at the Bible in their shelves, on their tables and in their cellphones or computers, and yet, they have enough time to read anything else except the Bible. The devil through his hordes of darkness envisages a diabolic plan that prevents people from reading God’s word. This is where the problem begins. When you don’t read the Bible, you will never know its contents. When you don’t know its contents, you will never know its teachings. Spiritual stupidity begins with a failure to read your Bible. This is one of satan’s strategies that have worked successfully against all memebers of the church in all time.

When you look at the history of the Christian church, you will be surprised to see that Satan used the Catholic Church system to suppress Bible reading, and hence, remove the knowledge of truth from the people. How did he do so? By encouraging the abominable Roman papacy to have a Bible in the Latin language only as the official religious book for the Christian world. Bibles were not available to the common man. The Roman Catholic Church claimed ownership to the holy books. Only the Pope, Bishops and priests were to read and interpret the Bible to the general church folk. Whether they heard or understood what was said did not matter, as long people were baptized and were in fellowship and good standing with the church partaking of the Eucharist every Sunday. It is under this historical background that the Reformation era emerged.

In order for a believer to understand the current crisis of the church, it is imperative that church leadership should make available some church historical books in their church libraries, that is, if the local church leadership has a culture of reading and a passion for biblical Christian education. We have often noticed that most churches do not even have a church library and the pastor has no reading culture. How then can he mobilize his church to read widely and extensively for, sheep follow the leadership of their shepherds.

Prior to the Reformation, God began to move the hearts of certain religious clergy to translate the Bible into the vernacular languages so that all the people can read for themselves and hear what the word of God was saying to them. As a result, several early reformers who worked day and night in diligent study, meditation and translation of the Holy Scriptures were ruthlessly martyred by the Roman Catholic Church and labelled heretics. There is an ever unending list of these servants of God who sought to bring the Bible into the life of the ordinary man and they gladly paid the high cost of such actions by the shedding of their blood. They died horrible and painful deaths just because they wanted to make you oh dear reader, have the Bible in the language that you understand. Such are the horrors and fate of the saints who suffered under the evil reign of spiritual terror by the papacy under the direct supervision of Satan himself, who usurps all authority in this worldly system.

Dear reader, did you know that failing to read your Bible is joining the papacy of Rome in looking down at the efforts of the martyred early Reformers who sought the freedom you now have to own a copy of your Bible. Just think of John Wycliffe, Savonarola, Knox, Luther and others. It should touch your heart to learn that these men and women fought a battle that was so gruesome in their day, and were considered to be formidable enemies of Christ and the Church simply because of their love and passion for truth. They wanted God’s word to reach all the four corners of the earth and they perished without seeing the fruit of their labors. However, freedom finally came and the Reformation occurred. When current churches fail to emphasize Bible reading in the churches and at home, we are failing to appreciate the efforts and the spirit of the Reformation. The Reformers’ central points were, Solus Scriptura (the Bible alone), Solus Christus (Christ alone), Solus gratia (grace alone) and Solus fidei (faith alone).

Thus, we have seen that the devil’s first strategy is to cause people not to want to read the Bible. If they read the Bible and become familiar with its contents, it will not be easy to penetrate and infiltrate the mighty army of the Lord on earth with the Sword of the Spirit ready to be wielded against the enemies, the sons of perdition and the wicked hosts of darkness. Whenever believers fail to read God’s word, they open a door to the enemy and give him legal grounds to wage an offensive attack on them.

Negligence of Bible study: Bible study is not the same as bible reading. However, you cannot have a successful study of the Bible without reading the Bible. If believers are to be successful in their spiritual lives, Bible study is a must requirement. You cannot do without it. Over the years, Satan has used this strategy to destroy churches and introduce heresies. This is one such area that he delights in more than sending sickness and disease or war among the people. When you study the Bible, you are digging a little deeper from the mere literal surface of general knowledge of the contents of the Bible. Here, you seek to understand the Biblical text as it was understood by the original audience and to infer the intended meaning the author needed to convey to his original audience. This is no easy task, and the process of exegeting, that is, coming out with the meaning of the text from the text is a daunting task, howbeit a rewarding one.

Satan wants you to think that Bible study is the work of the spiritual elite and the theologian and you do not need to worry about digging deep. After all, it’s not knowledge that saves but Christ because the letter kills but the Spirit gives life. These and other such arguments are suggested daily to millions of believers worldwide and they have seen some false light and logic in this fault thinking of the enemy. We should not lose sight of the fact that Satan and his armies are the masters of deception and manipulation. Each time you yield to their thoughts, you give them a foothold, or as some might say, a legal ground in your life.

Bible study is presumed to be the product of some zealous theologians who have lost the way of the Spirit. The devil has made certain that one of the ways to discourage Bible study is to castigate theologians. Theologians have suffered very unjust criticisms in the church and outside its borders and have been labelled all kinds of foul names simply because they wanted the church to come to the knowledge of truth. We should bear in mind that true theologians have been the church’s greatest assets, the teachers and custodians of truth. When Satan saw that there was going to be a serious blow on his plans, he sought to infiltrate the church by false theologians, who twisted the Scriptures and taught false teachings. I have often been intrigued by Dr. D Martyn Lloyd Jones’ description of heretics. He writes,

The heretics were never dishonest men; they were mistaken men. They should not be thought of as men who were deliberately setting out to go wrong and to teach something that is wrong; they have been some of the most sincere men that the Church has ever known. What was the matter with them? Their trouble was this: they evolved a theory and they were rather pleased with it; then they went back with this theory to the Bible, and they seemed to find it everywhere. If you read half a verse and emphasize over-much some other half verse elsewhere, your theory is soon proved.[1]

Dr. Lloyd-Jones offers us here some practical and yet heart searching and spiritual penetrating thought provoking description of heretics. Usually, heretics can be of various forms: first, those that are deliberately set to bring confusion and false teachings into the church. These are easy to discern. However, the devil’s elite squad of heretics are those “mistaken men” who have come with theories and pasted them with biblical proof texts to the great extent that they have crept in unnoticed in the churches. We have even tagged them with some big religious names and credited them with great eloquence of speech, yet, few or none of us have set down to investigate their teachings and bring them to the Word-test. Do their teachings measure up with the standard of God’s revealed will or they are peddling supposedly new revelations that are meant to sway people from the simplicity that is in Christ?

I have attended several churches as a visitor, and I have been privileged to attend some of the bible study classes. I have left most of these studies frustrated and lost instead of being spiritually nourished and edified. In one of the churches, the pastor asks the congregation to read the entire chapter, then, he asks every member to share the insights from the passage that the Holy Spirit has revealed. This goes on for hours and when done, whatever one’s revelation was, that was the message of God for the people. This approach is so subtle in that, most of these believers have no biblical interpretation principles taught to them, so they just move from the text to application. Application of the biblical message is the last step in the hermeneutics process. However, in another congregation, people are asked to close their eyes and begin to meditate in silence, allowing their minds to go blank so that the Holy Spirit can come and fill them with supernatural revelations from which they begin to share some dump and stupid things. This has been the terrible state of some churches and all is done under the guise of bible study and giving each member an opportunity.

I always wonder if this approach was the one the primitive church had. If so, this could have been the most dump thing in all the history of Christianity to date. However, there is a different approach to Bible study in both rabbinical and Christian traditions. From the Old Testament, the Lord stressed the importance of one knowledgeable teacher instructing the ignorant ones. For example, he first took Moses up in the mountain, gave him the Law for forty days and forty nights. We would infer that not only was he given the law but also its interpretation in case people would come to him seeking understanding in such matters. Thus, we see Moses teaching the congregation of Israel the Law of the Lord alone. Not only was he teaching, he was instructing and judging at the same time until his father-in-law, Jethro, the priest of Midian had to give him some sound advice concerning how he had to run things. He was not supposed to be a lone ranger but needed a plurality of leadership to teach, lead and govern the people and we further see the choosing of the seventy elders to assist Moses in his task. WE should also bear in mind that when Moses went to inquire of the Lord if Jethro’s advice was acceptable, God clearly said that what Jethro suggested was good for the Israeli community.

When Jesus came, he selected the Twelve to learn from Him and that they would latter continue his teaching ministry after his ascension to heaven. We are then introduced to the Gospel narratives of mere fishermen, tax-collectors and zealots that are summoned and accepts the call of the great Rabbi himself, the call to discipleship. These men lived with the Lord and were taught so well by Christ that after Christ’s ascension, the Jewish leaders were amazed at their teachings and boldness and concluded that they had been with Christ. This same Christ had not only left them with a do-it-all-yourself mission as the super apostles. On the contrary, He had clearly indicated that he was sending them to go and teach all nations, making disciples in the way of the Great Rabbi, Christ the Master teacher himself. To this end, the Apostle Paul further manifests this kind of discipleship to Timothy when he wrote, “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2). Even in Antioch, it is recorded by the historian Luke that “Paul also and Barnabas continued in Antioch, teaching and preaching the word of the Lord, with many others also” (Acts 15:35).

Bible study and bible teaching is not a work of the spiritual simple; it is a work of the diligent student. Thus, the Bible clearly calls all believers to be diligent students of the word of God. Both testaments, the Old and the New puts a great emphasis on studying ad meditating upon the word of God. Almost all believers are conversant with the Lord’s message to Joshua that he was not to deviate from the Law of God but to meditate upon it day and night (Joshua 1:7-8). As a result, Joshua was going to find success and prosper in whatsoever he was going to do. The psalmist echoes the same exhortation in Psalm 1 and Psalm 119 crowns it all. The New Testament epistle too have a great emphasis on teaching. It is for this reason that Christ gave leaders and teachers in the church (Ephesians 4).

Thus, we see Bible study is a health and normal function for every believer and every church. Sadly, Satan exploit this area by telling people that it is difficult to study the Bible; you can’t understand it. For this reason, churches should have all leaders enroll in a hermeneutics course on how to read and understand the Bible. If church leaders don’t know the right methods of proper biblical interpretation, they will end up as heretics. As a basic point, there are five simple starting points to a proper hermeneutic as suggested by David R. Seal in his article “Equipping Children and Pre–Teens to Read and Study Their Bibles”. He argues that believers should be taught the following five principles in regards to Bible study: 1) Properly locating the start and finish of a complete literary unit of thought and expression, 2) conducting some basic research on the historical situation of the author and first audience of the text, 3) determining what the text teaches about God, 4) inferring the text’s meaning to the first audience and 5) establishing the practical significance of that teaching for today.[2]

Satan’s goal is to keep believers in a state of mental and spiritual stupor. Because they do not want to study God’s word, they fail to obey God as is required of all those who hear the words of the Lord. Faith is not a matter of hearing the reading or the preaching of the word; it goes further than that, demanding total obedience to those who hear and obey. The biblical implication of the word obedience suggests an attitude of hearing and doing. You have not heard the word until you fully do it. That is to say, true faith is manifested by obedience to the Lord’s commands, doing and living his word. This is why Bible study is essential because a wrong interpretation of the text leads to wrong behavior. This is even worse in our day as most preachers who have never been under formal theological training are the occupants of mega churches.

On a graduation speech given by Bishop Dr. Cornwell Piyo on November 26, 2016, Dr. Piyo lamented the fact that it is only the modern church that gives positions of leadership to an ill-equipped and trained leadership. All other worldly sectors undersands the importance of training, yet, only the church looks down upon this crucial element. How true was the Lord’s observation when he said that the children of darkness, the wchildren of this world are much wiser than those of the light! Should we continue to let Satan and his hosts take the church into spiritual captivity when we can train the leaders to study the Bible and teach their churches to do so? Bible study should be emphasized so that Satan cannot take advantage of us.

Dr. Cardwell Nyaungwa has often said that a church leader who refuses to study is not fit for any spiritual occupation and should be stripped of spiritual authority. Why? Because you cannot teach what you don’t know. This is the reason why modern day prophets are quick to brush aside the importance of theological education or bible study by saying there is no theological school in the Bible. However, if they had read the bible well, they would have understood that emphasis is not on schools but on education and instruction. You do not need a traditional school environment to be educated, all you need are good teachers or friends who are sound in the word of God to instruct you in the way of righteousness. Today, there are vast opportunities available for any serious and diligent student who seeks to bring positive change in the church and leave a lasting spiritual legacy.

Negation Of Proper Theological Training: After Satan has convinced you that Bible reading is worthless and Bible study wearies the mind because of its spiritual bankruptcy, the devil will then seek to make you see all forms of theological training and theologians as foes of the church and the religious system to which you subscribe. It should be noted dear reader, that theological education is not bad. In fact, theology has been called “the queen of all sciences.” But, what went wrong? As alluded to earlier in this book, for the furtherance of his diabolical plan, Satan sought to partner with some theological institutions to come up with a secular approach to spiritual things. As a result, most once brilliant and spiritual institutions became secular with most of the professors from these institutions championing the heretics more than true theologians. Many true theologians just became footnotes while the heretics received ululations from these professors.

This largely owes to the influence of nineteenth century Germany philosophers and the Germanization of the American mind. Humanistic philosophies entered the church for Germany became the center of great theological learning funded by the State. Whoever wanted to study theology went to Germany and books from the faculties of theology were carried to America where some great theological institutions had been in existence. These universities and seminaries became liberal and secular and they elevated reason more than spirituality, speculation more than reality. The true values that once undergirded the theological disciplines were eroded by this new wave of liberalism. To date, the influence of Germany secular philosophies have made a tremendous impact for it raised such men as Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, David Hume, etc. Their writings have had profound influence to both young and old alike.

However, in any dispensation, God always have a remnant. There were schools that refused to back down to the compromising positions of twisted philosophies and theologies. Instead, they began to introduce critical methods of evaluating the German theologies and put them to the sound test of the word. Many theologies were found wanting and were thus purged from the theological courses. But this was short lived as professors seeking higher theological qualifications could leave for Germany to study for free under the generous offerings of the Germany government. In all this doing, theology in itself, the true theology remains uncorrupted, but man’s love for darkens corrupted his mind and blinded him to truth. However, in the twenty first century, many young and newer faculties are sound men and women who love the Lord and are committed to teach the inerrant and authoritative word without the leaven o the Germans. These schools have made a tremendous impact in safeguarding the true values of theological higher education.

Sadly, some new schools have also emerged that are a revival of the past secular and paganistic influences. However, a much stronger foe than secularism is the new theologies that seek to undermine the authority of the Bible by appealing to revelation only. This kind of mysticism see the Bible as but one possibilities of truth which does not however, contain all truth. This comes easily to light when one remembers that most Pentecostal and charismatic schools fall under this kind of reasoning. The Pentecostal movement has to a great depth helped to revive the church, fan its fire and zeal and helped to bring back some important theological truth which the old and organized churches had begun to neglect. Sadly, it also brought with it a number of errors and heresies which it purchased at the devil’s spiritual market place.

Most of these practices have roots in eastern traditional religions and in Africa, most are a mister of African traditional Religions and Christianity. Sadly, few fail to discern the line that divides between the two since it is so fine, and, without proper instruction in the word of God, it is easy to be manipulated into thinking one is a true spiritual person. Knowing the word of God and what it teaches is the good preparation ground against deception and error. Christians should be motivated and be encouraged to enroll in sound theological schools to learn the word of God, not necessarily to become church leaders or pastors but for the betterment of their own spiritual lives.

Instead of churches seeing theologians as foes, they should rather praise the Lord that he has given teachers in the church that helps the church to remain focused and on course against the devil’s whims and whiles. Sadly, the amount of criticism local church leaders usher against theologians and theological schools is so astonishing. Likewise, some theologians has begun a campaign mission to expose false religious teachers and their errors. This unlikely scenario has made the church a battle ground for theologians, zealous but misguided religionists, Satan and Christ himself the owner of the church. Satan wants to scare people into thinking that the discipline of theology is a secular discipline that is devoid of spiritual realities. Thus, when believers hear the word theology, they have a strange and foreboding disdain of the term and anyone who is said to have done theology. In reality, the term theologian simply means an instructor in the word of God. However, the churches has made it to mean a person who is haughty, proud, divisive and at war with the theology and traditions of organized religion, usually a challenger of the leader’s teachings. Instead of theologians being seen as teachers, part of the church’s teaching ministries, they have been relegated to church’s spiritual dustbin where their voices are not heard. Thus, other voices are heard.

The Church’s Strange Voices: because the churches have rejected those teachers sent to them by God to help them learn his word, they have opened a new door to other voices that have taken the churches by storm. The Church should first and foremost learn to listen, hear and discern the Lord’s voice. If the church does not hear God’s voice, it will be forced to seek for other voices at the religious spiritual market that are selling their spiritual merchandise. Because Satan know that mankind has a deep longing of fellowship with God, and that they seek to hear God’s voice, he then directs them to his market where he duplicates divine worship. Everything is perfect replica only that here, people have freedom of worship, freedom of religion. People are asked to blindly follow the leaders without question. They are manipulated into thinking that their leaders are the voices of God to the people. There is no other man of God on earth than their given church leaders. Inquisitive believers are sidelined because of their lack of spiritual insight and are judged as slow learners or those influenced with theologians and have not yet seen the light of day.

The voice of the leaders and not the voice of God becomes the hallmark of these churches that have bought into Satan’s deception. Here, the leaders use propaganda techniques and mind manipulating strategies. They seem to have a command on the people and the people gladly follow. Some have argued that this is sorcery that is used by some of these leaders while others contends that these leaders are using manipulation and propaganda techniques. This is how the manipulation occurs:

  1. The leader starts the church and pronounce himself to be a great man of God. He assumes a bigger title to himself such as pastor, bishop, apostle or prophet. However, in our day, we seem to seem more of apostles and prophets.
  2. The leader finds a name that is characteristic of his mission, and in our day, it’s stamped on healing, power, deliverance or prophecy. During the early Pentecostal revivals, it had to do with tongues and healings.
  3. The leader goes out to seek some amazing spiritual powers. In most cases, we have been informed that these leaders travels to meet some distant men of God to whom they will submit themselves, receives and impartation of his spirit or anointing, returns back to their respective countries as prophets, apostles or pastors and duplicates their newly found spiritual father’s ministry in their home country.
  4. They perform some signs and wonders that astonishes everyone and they start having a following crowd. People flock to these preachers who then declares they are God-sent with the solutions to humanity’s social, political and economic dilemma.
  5. Later, they make their missions known, to pluck you out of poverty into financial freedom, but it’s not an easy walk. You have to make sacrifices, sow financial seeds and become a devout follower. You should submit to the authority of the man of God and have some relics that connects you to the man of God in his physical absence, a car sticker, a t-shirt, a photograph, anointing water or oil, etc. You should like the social media of the man of God, and help castigate his critics. You should type, ‘Amen’, Yes Papa’ ‘I receive’ and other such like comments to get the blessing and the prophecy that is pronounced during that particular day or hour. Otherwise, you will lose your blessing.
  6. Connection to the man of God becomes the way to get and receive God’s blessings. No connection to the man of God and God is estranged from you. If people say anything that directly contradicts the man of God, they are to be judged and spoke of in some very harsh and critical heaven fire and brimstone words, cursing and invocations of God’s curses, etc.
  7. The man of God initiates a covenant with his congregants which, if they deviate from it, will result in their cursing. Thus manipulation and control strategies begins early at this stage. Since no one is allowed to question, everyone simply believe!

There are many common features in the current movements that have sprung in the churches. The leaders are usually young men with some great charisma and eloquence of speech. They have in most cases never been to theological schools and have a great disdain of theological training. They look at the senior leaders in the church and judge them as unworthy to lead the churches. They feel they have the real thing to give to the churches and because of the miracles they perform, they are the right men for the job and whoever does not listen to them will surely perish. They will come to the realization of their failures after their churches have been emptied and the saints caught in the spiritual web of these men of God. Some call it revival and skeptics call it a child’s play. Of amazing interest is how these young men brag of their powers. They claim that most of the old ministers have survived their years of ministerial service by using spiritual witchcraft and sorcery and claim to have power to summon these leaders and publicly shame them in a clash of powers show. Some have even challenged their critics to walk on water and not drown.

Sadly, as this happens, seasoned ministers goes on an unholy campaign to denounce and anathemize these young preachers and instead of teaching their churches about Christ and God’s word, the pulpit becomes the place were anger, bitterness and frustrations are unleashed against the unsuspecting congregants who have come to hear the word of the Lord. By so doing, the devils’ ungodly cause is vindicated as the churches become the battleground for leading voices. Jesus said the thief comes to steal kill and destroy (John 10:10) and today’s religious leaders have aptly fit that description. The majority of churches are no longer preaching Christ, they are venting their anger and frustrations on the pulpits. Instead of becoming messengers of life with a sweet fragrance, they have become messengers of death.

In summary, we have seen that to promote the culture of spiritual stupidity in the church, Satan has implored a number of strategies that are aimed at maiming the church an incapacitate it. The most serious strategy he has thus used in our modern times is an attack on God’s written word. This attack is so subtle that most believers fail to recognize it as a plot of the enemy. Believers are discouraged to read the Bible and Satan creates atmospheres that makes it difficult to find time for bible reading and meditation. If you succeed in reading, Satan will try his best to make you fail to understand the word you have read by making sure you don’t know the rules of proper bible interpretation. Thus, you will have some skewed views and allegories that deviates from the true intended meaning of the text. Once you fail to understand the Bible in your studies, he will encourage you to attend a church of like-minded people where the pastor castigates theologians and bible students, calling them all sorts of names so that your church feels secure in their spiritual cocoon.

When this happens, the church sees little significance in the authority of the Bible, continues to undermine it and in a matter of time, you lay it up to uphold man’s traditions. This will eventually lead to some strange voiced that will masquerade in the churches as God’s only true vices of the hour. They do not spare the flock but misleads it in the spirit of Simon the sorcerer to think that they are some powerful force of God on the planet. Only those that do not know the Scriptures will turn to them and flock to their gatherings where there is distortion and deliberate twisting of the Scriptures. However, in any given generation, God has always left a remnant. The fact that many false teachers exists is a sure sign that true teachers are also available. However, with a lethargic and lazy culture that deprives us study, we tend to buy spiritual stupidity at the religious market place, giving room to these preachers to manipulate us through false gospels.


[1] D. Martyn Lloyd Jones. Studies in the Sermon on the Mount. (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1976), 7.

[2] Seal, David R. (2009) “Equipping Children and Pre–Teens to Read and Study Their Bibles,” Christian Perspectives in Education, 3(1). Available at:



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