To the Work, to the Work I

One of the great evils that have taken the Church by storm today is the culture of laziness that is prevalent in most denominational Christians. It is greatly intriguing to note that among professing Christians, only a small fraction of believers really have a culture of spiritual work. Lest I be misunderstood, I am of the opinion that the present ministry of believers in the Church has been wrongly affected. Instead of a spiritual environment that encourages and fosters a dynamic spiritual growth that is mission minded and focused, we have developed a breed of believers that are devoid of God’s vision for the world.

I am not a prophet or preacher of doom, but I see in our time, the Zimbabwean church at the verge of spiritual collapse despite a number of prophets offering prophecies of a new revival and a greater awakening. I have always argued that I am a student of history, and those that do not know history usually repeats its mistakes. I hope that you dear reader, will not be one of such, one who has been uninformed and perish with the rest in ignorance. The reason why God has placed certain ministries in the Church was for us to equip the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4). As God’s watchmen for the time, we should blow the trumpets that make proper sounds so that the Church can discern what is meant.

How can we tell that our very own Zimbabwean church is at the verge of spiritual collapse? Well, this is my theory: We have forsaken a culture of spiritual work and remained spiritually contented in Zion!  We like the church of Sardis; God must be weighing us and finding our works not perfect before God (Rev 3:2). Strange as I may sound, but we are so content with the works that we have done, and other works that we continue to do that are of little spiritual significance.

It is amazing how the church has fallen from its evangelistic work. Christians from major denominations do not know how to win souls to Christ neither do they know how to tell the Gospel story. Each time I walk our streets, I am confronted with a very unpleasant reality: the cults are more committed to spreading false gospels than the true Christians. Rarely have I ever been approached by a Christian preaching the Gospel in the street or have I ever encountered a single Christian who came to knock at my door to tell me God’s good news of salvation. If someone have to ask me to share the Gospel with me, it is always a Jehovah’s Witness who turns to twist Scripture to his own destruction even though very zealous, and yet, not according to knowledge.

Where are the Christians? Busy at church doing church, waiting and praying, seating for heaven. I was surprised to see how many houses have become prayer groups (at least a good sign that we still need God in our places), however, God has not called us to only pray for the salvation of the world. He wants us to enact His salvation plan, to have faith with works! If all the Church will ever do is pray, then the world will sink into the depths of hell at the watch of the Christian Church? Am I exaggerating or am I peddling a new heresy? By no means! Prayer alone cannot and will never save the world from sin unless the Church begin to send its people out where the sinners are and gathering in the harvest which is already ripe.

Churches are fighting for spiritual recognition. They are competing on who is the best preacher, the best prophet or the man of God of the hour. Believers spends time doing church, delivering each other from the so called demons. The curse of deliverance has taken us by storm ever since the coming of Nigerian movies in the late 90s and what we feel is that, God has no other mission for us except to exorcise demons and witch hunts Satanists. While the Church has been busy preoccupying itself with doctrines of demons, we have allowed the harvest to be wasted.

It’s a sad scenario! The Gospel should make people new creatures, transform them into a new spiritual kingdom and send them to the work. However, the gospel that permeates the current pulpits is that, come here and get deliverance daily. Recently, I spoke with some believers who felt very much offended when I asked them, “How can you claim to be Christians when you are not winning souls to Christ?” I know many people would like to dismiss this statement by arguing that not all Christians have the gift of evangelism. Well, that I understand clearly, but there is no Christian who cannot win a soul to Christ! He who wins souls is wise (Proverbs 11:30) and the Church is the wrong place for the exercise of foolishness and spiritual stupidity.

All Christians should get involved into God’s mission and have a missional worldview. The gross amount of sin and apostasy confronting the churches in our country is a sure sign that there is a hole in our gospel. What are we preaching? What are we teaching our people? What is happening in our prayers that our prayers have failed to give us a sense of urgency for what God wants to do? What has happened to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of work or we have been at great ease in Zion and neglected the main thing of winning the lost at any cost?

We are in a race against time and the Lord will be coming soon. However, the devil has made our churches to lose sight of what is at stake in God’s sight. Multitudes of men, women and children will sink into the fires of hell while the church is busy on prophecy, healing and deliverance. The true place to witness God’s power is in soul winning, out where the kingdom of darkness has its seat. This is not the time to waste fighting for who is a better preacher or a true prophet or a man of God. It’s time to reintroduce the true nature of the Christian church, a church that is obedient to God’s vision and mission for the world that was made manifest since the beginning of creation.

Pastors, what have happened to you? Are you still teaching the church the whole counsel of God or you have become blind guides who are leading others into the pit? A healthy church carries God’s mission of saving the world that is lost in sin. A mighty church wages its warfare out in the world of the lost, snatching unbelievers from the enemy’s claws and the clutches of sin and spiritual death. True spiritual warfare happens when we put on the whole armor of God and bring the Gospel of peace to the world. That is the only way to defeat Satan, the arch enemy of God’s plan of redemption for the world.

I often wonder why on earth very few Christians are given to the task of winning souls. I am tempted to think that those few who lead souls to Christ have truly met Him and the rest have a form of spirituality that is devoid of works. How can you lead someone to Christ if you have never met Him? Those who met Christ went and tell others about Him; the spread the Gospel and became evangelists. The first calling Christ made to His Church (the first Apostles), He said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). Later, He told the same apostles to disciple others and to teach them to observe whatever Christ had commanded the apostles (Matthew 28:18-20). Where is our stand? Have we lost sight of being fishers of men?

I find it rather astounding that very few churches ever teach, preach or encourage their members to go and evangelize. We have developed a cult over the man of God whom we have venerated to the place of God. He stands daily in the midst of the congregation calling it to come to him who can help them obtain answers from God as if he is now the gateway to heaven. When we do so, we forget everything else except our own spiritual satisfaction, healing and deliverance at the cost of the lost.

There is a world out there crying, and the Lord calls you to listen. God wants us to change the way we have become in Zimbabwe. God wants us to turn back from being religious to being His co-workers and partners in the ministries of the Gospel. He wants us to do the work of an evangelist because where we are headed as the Church is down at the edge of the cliff of spiritual collapse. We cannot expect the Church to be spiritually active in the next decade if the spiritual climate that currently permeates our churches remains the same. How can you expect to have strong churches with evangelistic believers if they are not trained equipped and released for the work? To the work! To the work! To the Work!


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