Understanding Christian Leadership

The concept of Christian leadership expected by God in His Church should be different from the way the worldly systems run their governance. Leadership in the Christian Church should exemplify God’s rule and authority from whom all authority in heaven and on earth derives. If as Christian leaders at any given time in history, we neglect the fact that we are also under God’s authority, we will be tempted to lord it over the flock of God and burden it with the non-essentials. As leaders, we should be able to reflect a humble and submissive attitude to authority. Our lives should be submerged in total surrender to the Lordship of Christ who is the Supreme Head of the Church universal.

If we chose and decide to live carelessly and act with a care-free attitude towards the brethren, we will reap the consequences of our actions. Whatever we do for the church of the Lord, we are going to be answerable to that at the day of reckoning. As spiritual leaders, we should be able to reach maturity in Christ, ask for wisdom and learn to exercise it in judgement.

Many times, the church suffers from spiritual leadership which is devoid of discernment. True spiritual leaders should be able to seek this vital and important gift since it helps them to distinguish between what the Lord, the devil and humanity wants. We are God’s servants and His stewards. To us it has been entrusted the mysteries of the kingdom and if we are to be faithful stewards, then a proper recognition to the Master of the field is a prerequisite.

If we would think for once that the church is led by our expertise and amount of learning, we will be surprised to note that whatever we have accomplished is like the grass and straw and the foundation and the building which we have build will fall when the storms of leadership rises against us. There are those times we are permitted to build with whatever material we have; yet, being permitted does not guarantee God’s final approval.

There will be the strong winds and the mighty tempests to shake the core of our foundations and the strength of our buildings. On that day, where will our leadership stands? Some have argued that leadership rises and falls on character. Some have build their leadership on cults of personality after such and such prominent leaders, but while it is good to emulate or imitate successful man, they have never been God’s perfect standard of leadership. While we can learn many important and essential truths from other men of God who have walked with the Lord in the past or in their lives, we should never lose sight of the fact that true Christian leadership is living and exemplifying Christ in all areas of our lives as leaders.

We learn from Him, and do His biddings. His Word is filled with Christ’s object lessons which, if we will allow the Lord to speak to our hearts through His word eternal, our leadership would experience a paradigm shift that has never been before experienced ion this present age. We are so much privileged to have the complete canon of the Bible and the Holy Spirit leading the church today. What we need to know has been made to be easily accessible by anyone who seeks to know what the Lord’s will is. The Bible is the perfect place to begin looking at what we call true Christian leadership.

I do not claim to be an expert in the field. However, I have been privileged to be part of Church leadership since the age of eleven and many of the things I will share with you  are not theories but real life truths that have changed and transformed ministries, lives of pastors and several Christians in the past two decades. I have seen churches growing and dying because of leadership. It is not so much about the use of titles and large names we usually attach to our offices, but the quality of leadership that the Lord expects from His co-workers.



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