Galyn Wiemers and the Generation Word Ministry

Going to traditional theological schools to study God’s Word is quite expensive in Africa. The majority of pastors and church leaders are from poor backgrounds; they have little or no money at all to study theology or even purchase the required academic textbooks. This has been the trend for several years. In the past, a few people from the civilized and well developed countries started pouring some resources into Africa to help the needy pastors. Tons of used books were being sent to Africans by a number of ministries until it died with high cost of postage that was charged by the USPS when it actually brought an end to the surface mail system (so we are told).

This became a stumbling block to the educational ministry of the pastors. Some ministries expressed their desire to send tools but ONLY IF the recipients would be able to pay the shipping costs which also proved to be beyond the reach of the ordinary pastors who are unsalaried and, if they are salaried, the money is even too little to meet their simple needs in any given month. The use of the internet has helped to send millions of books and videos to people in the third world countries. However, for most pastors in our African continent, this is almost equal to shutting us out of the system. Why? Because internet usage is very expensive here and very few pastors own electronic gadgets like laptops, ipads, etc. While in some African countries this isn’t a problem, in many parts of the continent, the problem still exists. Hence, most pastors are still kept in the dark.

I am so touched by some ministries that have defied the odds and kept helping the needy brethren in Africa. While there are a number of such ministries, I would like to introduce you to one of my friends, Galyn and Toni Wiemers of Generation Word Ministry. Generation Word is a Bible teaching ministry focused on assisting believers in the pursuit of spiritual maturity and the production that comes through understanding God’s Word. This ministry exists “to prepare God’s people for works of service” in the vision God has assigned to them. Generation Word provides: Verse by verse Bible Teaching, Online Bible School, Bible study audio, Bible Class video, Verse by Verse notes, Bible Maps, Israel photos, Bible teaching in .mp3, church sermons, Bible school classes, photos of Jerusalem, Old Testament Maps and online Daily Bible Study Devotions.

While this ministry cannot be ranked as a great ministry by man’s standards, Generation Word has done a lot of work to help the pastors and church leaders in Africa by supplying free books, bibles, DVDs and Cds filled with sound biblical teaching. Thanks to Galyn and Toni and the little “Director of Shipping and Packaging”, Tyler. Galyn is a sound Bible teacher and has written a number of books used by various pastors, students and colleges. His book, Framework for Christian Faith is a well acclaimed textbook for theological studies among many pastors and churches in over 90 nations. What started as a small Bible group curriculum has had tremendous effect on the Christian world.

Interestingly, Galyn and his wife Toni support the ministry from their own financial earnings and donations from well-wishers who sees the need for the Christians to be soundly equipped in the faith and to mature in the Lord. The Generation Word Bible School is a free online resource that is power-packed with thousands of teachings that take you through the wholesome teaching of God’s word. There is also a free New Testament Greek course to those who love biblical languages. His Jerusalem book filled with pictures and archaeological discoveries to substantiate the Christian faith and Bible is quite an excellent book having been used by some tour guides in Israel.

What strikes me most is Galyn’s simplicity and down to earth approach to the word and to people. He is a man that loves the Lord and strives to serve Him by any means necessary to advance the ministries of the Gospel. If you would like some good Christian teaching the Generation Word website is a good start. You can even request printed books from Galyn and please do understand that he can only send you ONLY if he has the means to do so. Sometimes, you may have to exercise some patience. To those who have access to the internet and can utilize electronic resources, you can help him save some additional costs by freely downloading the resources on his website. I hope this information can be helpful to you.

In the future articles, I will continue to refer you to some ministries, personal friends, etc where you can access free resources to help you in your quest to study and learn the word of God. Until then, its goodbye for now.


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