The Deceit of Religions

When we look into this world, one cannot deny the evident fact that mankind has invented all forms of religion that seeks to approach God according to the traditions and precepts of man. These religious people are so committed and zealous in serving the gods they have created after their own imaginations. Because God has created us with an insatiable desire for worship, fallen man has thus sought a god to worship. Like the gathering at Aeropagus addressed by Paul in Acts 17, people have worshipped what they don’t know and have been so zealous about it.

Today, the world has several thousands of religions in existence. The major ones such as Christianity, Islam, New Age Movement, Satanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Jainism, African Traditional Religions, etc just represents a part of these religions. Too many smaller religions have risen today. The world as one author has once put it is like a spiritual market where there is merchandise for every spiritual buyer, the careful shopper or the impulse buyer. But why religion? Don’t all religions lead to God?

When humanity chooses to follow the deceitfulness of sin, sin hardens their hearts and blindfolds their spiritual eyes so that their understanding is darkened. From a biblical perspective, sin does not draw anyone to the Lord God of the whole earth, but rather, it drives you away from God’s presence where you construct a fig-leaf religion. When sin entered into the world, Adam and Eve felt the need to hide themselves from the presence of God. Ever since then, mankind have been running away from the presence of the Lord whose holy eyes cannot look upon sin and let the sinner go unpunished, for the wages of sin is death.

Religious people, seeking to bridge the gap with the spirit of God in man which never finds fulfilment in life except if it worships and serves God, tried to soothe their conscience and fill the void by inventing gods made out of their imaginations since they could not reach to the Divine and True God. Satan, the prince of this world thus moved in to endorse the religions of the people who in ignorance thought they were doing God a service. Because he had always coveted the worship that God had always received since eternity past, Satan and his hosts took over the religions of man and sat as god on earth so that man can serve the devil instead of God.

What proof exists that all other religions in the world serve Satan and not the true God? According to the Bible, God can only be served by men in holiness. God provides the means for the worship and can only be accessed by the Way He has made for mankind which is Jesus Christ, the God-Man. Apart from Jesus Christ, all our endeavours to worship and serve God would be found wanting, for Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No-one can go to the Father except through Him, and it is only through Christ that we have access to God, for He (Jesus) is the mediator and advocate for those who believe in Him.

The Christian religion (the supposed form of Christianity that has resulted in denominational splits, error, heresy and ecumenical movements) has failed dismally in its endeavours to serve God according to man’s traditions. Judaism has also failed since it rejected Christ. Recently, a more subtle form of religion has emerged with a purely diabolic philosophy claiming that all roads lead to heaven. The carnal reasoning is thus stated to mean there are various ways to which religious groups can use to serve the true God but in the end all the religions will take people to heaven. Others have gone to say all religions are just the same and the gods worshipped in those religions are one. Now, that’s quite interesting especially when we look at the true biblical Christianity [not the current Christian religion].

In the Bible, God has always called His people to separate themselves from people who worshipped and served other gods. Why? Because He knew that they were not the same. There is only One True God who have revealed Himself as the God of Israel. He is the Christian God and has always insisted that there should be no co-existence of pagan gods and Himself. Sadly, some misguided and deluded religionists have twisted the Bible and introduced man-made religions and pronounced that this was the will of God.

God does not seek to co-exist with heathen gods; pagan gods and their religions are an abomination to Him we will have to deal. The birth of the ecumenical movement has helped to soothe the dead consciences of religious men. Likewise, the Roman religion and the ChrIslam movement have all been but synagogues of Satan bent to confuse the religious devotees to a new age of one world religion.

It is quite interesting that the Bible has not been silent about these movements for the Holy Spirit clearly spoke of these last days and the outcomes of such ungodly systems. The antichrist will definitely use these religions to the maximum since deception and enticement are his major weapons. When man’s hearts begin to desire the forbidden, the Lord does not strive with them. Rather, after a series of warnings and chastisements, He will give them over to their reprobate minds if they fail to heed His call to repentance.

As Christians, we should not be found being yoked with the ungodly yokes of the religions around us. God’s call for us is to be separate, touch no unclean thing and He will receive us. God does not want us to co-exist with religious systems of the world. He wants us to be holy, consecrated and serve Him alone without being syncretistic. Beware the delusions of the religious world. Seek Christ and be saved. There is no blessing but rather condemnation and a fearful expectation of God’s anger to those who compromise biblical Christianity and sacrifice it for religious pleasure, glory and power.

True Christianity is not a religion, it is the vital force of the dynamism of Christ’s life in the Christian. Christianity is Christ in you. The Living Christ should be in our lives and we should be led by His Spirit. Because man have made a religion that is based on their imaginations, true Christianity should utterly reject meddling in the affairs of the Christian religion because one way or the other, the Christian religion (or Christendom) is unChristian. This is a call to self-introspection. Be ye separate, holy and distinct from the abominable religions around us. God wants us to serve Him and worship Him alone.


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