The Healing Ministry of Jesus of Nazareth (Foreword)

We live in a world today that is torn with war, hunger, strife and disease. Men and women are running to and fro seeking for real life solutions to real life problems. The world is not at rest and the Church has not been spared too from these calamities. Why do the righteous suffer? The age old question has been asked again and again, and yet, the answer to it has not been found, just a bunch of presuppositions to the great question of theodicy.

The alarming rate at which sickness and disease is invading our earthly domain is a cause of great concern. Day after day, we labor tirelessly to harness and control the ever increasing rate of disease in Africa, Asia, America and the rest of the world. Very recently, we experienced the deadly Ebola virus that killed hundreds in West African countries. Efforts from the World Health Organization, UNDP, Center for Disease Control and a number of organizations have only managed to control the spread of disease but have not been successful in abetting it.

Scientists today and medical doctors are on the lookout for several cures to this human ailment called disease and all its various forms. Sadly, most of our friends, relatives and family members die as a result of disease. We have lost lovers to the deadly AIDS pestilence, Ebola, cholera, tuberculosis and other diseases that have left whole communities and countries at death’s grip. We have stood helplessly as we watched them die in our hands.

On the other hand, the shrewd businessmen have managed to make millions (if not billions) of dollars by selling drugs and medicine to the victims of such evil. While some have worked with pure hearts to end humanity’s dilemma, others have preyed on humanity by making weapons of mass destruction in the form of chemical and biological weapons. We have pointed accusing fingers to those we thought are responsible for several diseases, whom we accuse of manufacturing them in the laboratory using latest scientific technologies.

Despite all our efforts to combat sickness and disease in the physical, a sad reality has dawned on us: death! Sickness and disease are there to serve death’s agenda. From the first man Adam, sin and death have reigned among man. Sickness and fear of death have also gripped man for ages. Man has been in a dilemma for several millennia and lost without God and without hope. It was through one man’s sin and disobedience that the world was subjected to such evil. However, God did not entirely forsake mankind whom He has created in His own image and for His glory. He reached down to man to save him first from sin and its effects. This He did by sending forth His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ to come on earth, being conceived by the Virgin Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ came to destroy all the works of the devil and render death powerless so that we may be delivered.

While His major task was to seek and save that which was lost, Christ in His earthily ministry proved that He was also capable of healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people. The Gospels portray to us the Compassionate Christ, whose miracles were meant to be signs of His Sonship to the Father howbeit made to help us believe in Him. He preached the Good News of the Kingdom and brought salvation and healing to the people.

Unlike the common modern-day phenomena, Christ did not use His miraculous and healing powers to show-off or compete with anyone. He was not after prestige, fame or glory. He was focused, on a mission to help the people. The mystery of His healings and miracles lie in His compassion for the people. He was, and still is, the compassionate Christ. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

I have written this book to equip the believer to stand strong in the faith and believe that God’s will for our lives is healing and health. However, I understand that there are extremes to this statement. First, there is the temptation to assume that God will always heal anyone who comes to Him thereby creating false hope to the people. On the other hand, this is not a promotion of the Pentecostal/Charismatic charismania prevalent in most local churches I have seen in Africa and America. Secondly, on the negative side, some will tend to believe that God is no longer interested in healing sick people today. On the contrary, the Bible clearly teaches that we should in simple faith, lay our hands on the sick and the Lord will raise them up. The sick will recover. They will get well again.

If we do not believe that God is able to heal the sick, then we are doomed, for healing the sick is part of the Greta Commission as well as part of the daily duties of the Church. Christ healed because of His compassion for the people. The Church as an extension of His body on earth thus fulfills that task by laying hands on the sick in the name of Christ and healing the sick.

There are some believers who fail to comprehend the greatness of God’s plan for our lives and doubt that God still wills to heal them. We have been robbed of our faith by some great preachers and teachers who have told us that we can no longer expect God to move on our behalf and meet our physical needs because all we need is the Bible and faith. Because of the current charismaniac stand in the Church, the healing ministry has been abused to such a point that most people have lost faith in God’s ability to heal sick people as fanatic preachers have stood day by day accusing those that God has not healed for their lack of faith.

I have sought to revive your faith and understanding of the healing ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. Over the years, I have read through the bible countless times. The more I have read it, the more I have been convinced that God is still working in the lives of those who believe. I have learned to grow my faith in God and His ability to minister to my spiritual and physical needs. I have been privileged on several occasions to lay hands on the sick and seeing them recover in answer to a simple prayer.

I believe that God is still healing people today and that Christ is still the healer. However, I also understand that the greatest healing of our lives happened on the Cross when we were healed from sin and its deadly effects and that the culmination of that healing will be the blessed, that glorious coming of the Lord when our bodies shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye, when this corruptible bodies will put on the incorruptible, never to get sick again and never to see death also.

It is my prayer that as you read this book and study the Scripture verses supplied in it; you will prayerfully ponder its message and challenge, and accept the healing ministry of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in our life, in every part of our body, soul and spirit. If your faith will be edified and strengthened, then this book will have served its purpose. “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul propsereth. (3 John 2)



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